Thursday, 18 April 2013

Our Journey has ended.

Our year long journey came to an end on April 16, 2013. Wow, where did the time go.

To quickly summarize it, it was a hoot, a blast and I would like to be on the road again.

There are too numerous people to thank for the good times whether they hosted us, or helped us around their little part of the country.  Each and everyone that we met were helpful, kind and generous.  The rally masters did a wonderful job keeping us on the straight and narrow LOL.

Some people which require special mention:

  • ·         Matthew and Shelley Reichert

  • ·         Powell and Char Brown

  • ·         Fred and Wendy Bellows

  • ·         Joe and Pat Garner

  • ·         Terry Angelino and Donna Serneck

Highlites of the journey:
·         Wanderlodge rallies (Sante Fe, Alburqueque, Roswell (6 coaches), White Tanks).
·         Alburqueque balloon fest
·         Pottery shows, festival and potters themselves
·         Playing farmer, thanks Powell
·         Being a tourist, and enjoying the artistry, scenery and history wherever we went.
·         SUNSHINE, yeah we did not have to shovel snow LOL
·         Meeting all the wonderful people

Here are some stats which some of you might be interested in.

  •   Total time on the road was 301 days.

  •  Visited 3 provinces and 11 states,

  • Total coach miles travelled 21,209.2 km or 13,173.4 mi.

  • Total car miles travelled 16,350.0 Km or 10,155.3 miles

  •   Engine run time – 326.84, avg 64.89 KPH or 40.3 MPH

  • Averaged 7 mpg (Cdn) or 5.82 mpg (US), this does not exclude generator use.  If generator use is factored in at ¾ gallon per hour then fuel mileage is 7.5 mpg (Cdn) or 6.27 mpg (US)

  •  Fuel price (US Gal) ranged from $3.679 in Texas to $5.264 (Can $1.389 per litre, Terrace BC)

  •  Generator run time – 198.7 hrs

  • Engine has 6322 hours * 66 kph = 417,252kms or 259,162 miles
  •    Engine used 2 gallons of oil. Vadie’s question, was it burnt or did it get sprayed on the car hmmmm. I have a slight rear engine seal oil leak.

  •  Generator and Engine oil change was done in Mathis Tx.

We will be making another 4200 km (2600 mile) trip in July to meet our friends from Holland.  Can’t wait to be on the road again.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

April 16th -, 2013 – Smithers – Kitimat BC

April 16th -, 2013 – Smithers – Kitimat BC                       Weather – lo -2/ high 22   clear/high overcast
Total Kilometers this trip -  16832.7                                      Km travelled this day – 261.7

After having a pretty good sleep, I still find myself really tired and my body very sore all over.  We have a 
light breakfast and continue on home.

We arrive in Terrace, dump and clean our black and grey water tanks, then fill at the Co-op fuel station. Since this is where we initially filled up, and our end fill up, I will use this point to see what fuel mileage etc we have received during our trip.

The last leg of our journey was uneventful, the weather was great, now the big job comes of unpacking, sorting and putting things away.

Over the next couple of days I will also write a compilation of our journey, it had been fun. 

But now is the time to go back to work, make some lifestyle changes and get ourselves all set for retirement.

Special Today: Our Lord – allowing us to have a most enjoyable journey, my employer – for allowing us to go on Sabbatical and vacation for that great of a time period, our family and friends – for keeping in touch with us and following us through this blog, to all of you whom we met, wow, this has been a great experience, THANKYOU from both Vadie and I.

April 15th -, 2013 – Prince George - Smithers BC

April 15th -, 2013 – Prince George - Smithers  BC            Weather – lo 2/ high 15   clear
Total Kilometers this trip -  16571.0                                      Km travelled this day – 367.7

Well, after a long nice of keeping Vadie awake, as well as myself, I finally managed to get some sleep about 6am.  What a night!!!!

I did not feel that bad when I got up, so we decided to travel a little bit, we made it to Smithers BC.
Before we left, as always it is hard to say goodbye to people you love, some you know you will see later in the year or next year, but in Dave’s case, I doubt if we will see him for quite some time.  He is moving across the country to Montreal, he will be enjoying himself with his family, and two new grandkids.

We headed out, and there were signs of slippery sections etc, but the road to Smithers was dry all the way.  It was a very pleasant dry.
clear roads

snow in them dar hills still

We stopped in Smithers just after 1 pm, had lunch and basically just crashed as we were both very tired.  When I woke the sun was shining brightly through the windows, it was nice to see.

Special People Today – Our Neighbour Tom and Joy– good people to have around when one leaves the house.  They do help look after things.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April 14th -, 2013 –Prince George BC

April 14th -, 2013 –Prince George BC                                Weather – lo 0/ high 8   scattered cloud
Total Kilometers this trip -  16203.3                                      Km travelled this day – 0

I got up and made breakfast, eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. 

Not much else happened today except we went to Princess Auto and visited a family friend, Connie Graham.

We went to Boston Pizza for dinner, Vadie and I could only eat ½ our meals to we took the rest home.
When we got back to the bus, I said that I did not feel very well, so I went to lay down.  A little while later, I was heaving and making all sorts of noises.  Vadie shone with what she does best – nursing.

Special Person Today – Connie Graham – a long time family friend who helped Vadie’s Dad with many things.

April 13th -, 2013 –Valemount – Prince George BC

April 13th -, 2013 –Valemount – Prince George BC        Weather – lo -2/ high 6   overcast/snowing
Total Kilometers this trip -  16203.3                                      Km travelled this day – 297.3

Looking at the forecast last night, it said we could expect about 1/4 inch of snow, but it felt so warm when we went to bed.  But, alas, when we got up this morning, yup, everything was white, except the roads, they were black and wet.
The forecast predicted gloom most of the way, but it was just the opposite.  The roads were wet for the first 100 kms or so, then basically they were all dry. 
 roads look pretty good

We came across a sign which said moose crossing, gosh can they read or what, there was a moose that wanted to cross, I let him LOL.  A deer also crossed the road ahead of us.
 first a moose sign, then the moose, look at the difference in snow between the two sides

The rest of the ride was uneventful, and we will be staying at the Costco for two nights.  Dave, our tenant, has met us here, and will stay with us.  He is moving to Montreal, Quebec to be closer to his family – good luck Dave, you have been a good tenant.

Dave Jones

Another item which was discussed yesterday, black and grey water dump, well we purchased a new hose, and a spare length as well.

both coach and car is very dirty

We went into the Costco store, then went to a pet store and Walmart. 

We came home and watched a movie called Utopia.

Special People Today – Vadie, my loving wife.  I have not mentioned her much, she has been doing a lot of things to keep us running smoothly, including helping me out.  She too has been the main staple as far as  cooking meals.  Thank you Vadie for everything you have done.